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Mission & Vision

As the country continues in its journey of political, economic and social reform and modernisation, the Benelux-Maldives Friendship Society sees as its main duty to accompany and support Maldives on its way into the future, as it modernises and develops and to bring Maldives to a larger audience beyond niche expert and policymaking circles. 


The Benelux-Maldives Friendship society aims to support all initiatives that build bridges between the Embassy of the Maldives to the EU and the Benelux countries (based in Brussels) and the citizens of Benelux and Maldives, in the broadest sense of the word, encompassing economic, cultural, humanitarian and tourist matters.


The association refrains from all interference in political and religious affairs, in both the Benelux and the Maldives.

The initiators of the Benelux-Maldives Friendship Society are fascinated by Maldives, its culture and hospitality.

The Friendship Society intends to add value to the already existing initiatives linking Belgium, the EU and Maldives by focusing primarily on bringing the EU and Maldives closer in the cultural, artistic, tourism and academic domains, strengthening people-to-people linkages in the process.

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