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BMFS Awards

The Benelux-Maldives Friendship Society (BMFS) has established a three-tiered award scheme (gold, silver and bronze).
The BMFS awards are granted to individuals and recognises outstanding achievements or contributions for the Maldives, relations between the Maldives and the European Union or its Member States and in particular the Benelux countries.

Awardees are characterised by a sustained, continued and exceptional commitment to the Maldives over an extended period of time. Candidates from all walks of life (government, civil society, business) come into consideration for the award.
The Board Members of the BMFS, during their regular meetings, draft and decide on the list of awardees.


Golden BMFS Award


H.E. Mr. Mohamed Nasheed

Speaker of the People's Majlis of the Maldives
Former President of the Maldives

In honour of his contributions and tireless efforts in the promotion of democracy in the Maldives

Brussels, 22-06-2021
Golden Edition 1/50


H.E. Mr Ahmed Latheef

Ambassador of the Maldives in Germany

In honour of his contributions to the strengthening of ties between the Maldives and Germany

Brussels, 22-06-2021
Golden Edition 2/50


Mrs. Barbara Theresa Dietrich

President and CEO of Diplomatic World Magazine

In honour of her tireless efforts and contributions to promote the Maldives in Belgium and EU.

Brussels, 11-09-2021
Golden Edition 3/50

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